Termux Script FB Satanic Hack – How to Hack FB (Facebook) Via Latest Termux 2020 Facebook Hacking via Termux, 01 November 2020, Of course the Satanic Fb Hack script doesn't need to be doubted because this tool has been widely used for hacking activities, so don't admit to being a hacker if you haven't tried this script..

SATAN's Facebook Script Hacking pashayogi Hack Facebook Script fb devil is one of the alternative tools to hack Facebook terminal linux. This tool is very similar to drakfb, only different author and version

Termux fb hack script from osif is also cool, fb auto login ctv latest diamond ff pulse.

Satan's Termux Facebook Hack Script 2020 from Darkfb, FBH, etc. can also be used for hacking Facebook.

This termux fb hack script is often used by masters to break into Facebook accounts. Immediately install and enjoy the menu in it.

Termux Script FB Satanic Hack
hack fb termux

How to Install the Script Termux Hack FB Satan

  • Open termux on your smartphone or linux
  • Install the desired module package
  • Clone download script dari github
  • Open the cloned folder
  • Run the main file / index

Step-by-step Hack FB Script Devil

Install package dan module

For packages and modules you can use the following command :

pkg install python2 (install pyton2 in termux)
pkg install git (install git di termux)
pip2 install mechanize
pip2 install requests

Clone download script

For clone downloads, use the git clone command followed by the script address.


Open the folder directory

To open a folder directory you can use the 'cd’ followed by the folder name.

The clone folder follows the last name listed on the github address.

by typing : cd SATAN

Don't forget to pay attention to upper and lowercase letters because they are case sensitive

Run the main file / index

Because fb devil uses python v.2 language.
So this execute command used is python2 followed by the main file name / index.

python2 SETAN.py

Termux Script FB Satanic Hack

The Latest Satanic Termux FB Hack Script And How To Complete Install is a Satanic termux hack fb tool made by Mr.. K7C8NG from the Indonesia Cyber ​​Error System team. This devil fb hack script is made using a programming language.

There is also another dark fb v1.6 script, Bagi-Bagi Script Termux Hack fb Contribute to development by creating an account on GitHub.

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How to Hack FB (Facebook) via the latest Termux 2020 for how to hack fb via termux, How to Hack FB via the latest Termux 2020 – Facebook is the first social media target when trying to install Git which is needed to install Satan's Fb Hack. Clone script below to install.

How to Hack Facebook Bulk + Password Di Script termux, If you hacked the Fb account yesterday, buy the Fb hack application and Instagram.

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