Randd Soft Indonesia. Consultant, management, Developer IT Indonesia

RanddSoft - Consultant, management, Developer IT Indonesia.
Agency focused in the field of IT management (Information and Technology), as: Web Apps, Web Profile, Android & IOS Apps, SEO, and we are ready to help merangcang, develop, and make software and hardware according to the needs of our business partners.

Google SEO (Seacrh Engine Optimization)

Campaign for your website on Google with SEO team support to be faster in the public know.

Information Systems

manage, Control, and analysis of each business process with the support of information systems for your business needs.

Website Development

Create and develop a website for visitors to learn more about the company and your product.


How we work procedures ?

To obtain optimal results in every service, we have set up several steps to achieve optimal service.

  • Meeting
  • Planning & Analysis
  • design process (Modeling)
  • Development (Development)
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation (Maintenance)
  • Finishing & Lauching

Some of the technologies we provide

Consult all your IT needs with us Free 24 Jam!

Consult all of your needs related to IT with our team, to overcome all kinds of permasalan and your IT needs!